Woman Study Centre

It was formed in 2002 with an aim to uplift the status of women in the society. Many women related issues with special reference to the weaker section of the society and girl students of our college are taken care of by PRAGJYOTISH COLLEGE WOMEN STUDY CENTRE. The PCWSC constitutes of :

Dr. Indira Saikia BoraVice President
Dr. Ranjita Deka General Secretary
Mrs. Dipika Roy MedhiAsst. Secretary
Dr. Runima BaishyaMembers
Dr. Angur BegumMembers
Prof. Niva DekaMembers
Dr. Pranita GoswamiMembers
Dr. Satya Sandhya DasMembers
Dr. Ira DasMembers
Dr. Gargee SharmahMembers
Ms. Karabi Kherkatari BoroMembers
Ms. Sharmila DasMembers
Dr. Shampa ChoudhuryTreasurer
Mrs. Manjula DuttaAsst Treasurer

Activities of PCWSC during the period (2015-2016)

18.03.2015A visit to “Kasturi Orphan House” at Zoo road to mark the celebration of Womens das.
228.03.2015A talk on “Legal Rights of Women” by Niva Thakuria
31.06.2015 - 7.06.2015A yoga Camp for girls and women was held in the College Campus.
414.09.2015An interaction program with the girls students of the College.
527.09.2015The PCWSC participated in the “Pinkathon” program (women Race) where girl students and NCC cadet (girl’s wing) of our college joined in large numbers.
629.01.2016A talk by Dr. Sonalee Buragohai on “Sexual Harassment against women”.
708.03.2016Women’s Day Celebration was organized in the college campus by holding Essay and Art Competitions arranged the students of various colleges including abled students.
822.09.2016 - 05.10.2016"Taekwondo Training Camp was organized from 22nd September to 5th October 2016 at the premises of Pragjyotish College"