Research Journal

PRAG CONSILIENCE is a research Journal of Pragjyotish College and is published annually by Pragjyotish College Research Council, Pragjyotish College, and Guwahati-09. This Journal is the first research journal of its kind in the history of Pragjyotish College. The journal intends to provide critical analysis of the complex process of our political, social, economic and cultural transformation of the society. The topic coverage of the journal is broad and encompasses a wide variety of topics, related to any branches of science, languages, environment, economics, politics and social life etc. As multi-disciplinary and multi-lingual journal, PRAG CONSILIENCE encourages its contributors to submit research papers of relevance to many fields.

The First Volume of the journal had already been published in August, 2016 with ISSN 2456-6861 and RNI ASSMUL/2016/70132.

New Doc 2017-05-18_2Vol 1, August 2016
May_4_Prag Consilience 2016