Major Research Project

Sl no.Name of the P.I.Title of The ProjectDurationSanctioning authorityCost Outlay(Rs)Status
1Dr. Saitanya Kr. BharadwajSynthesis of Novel dinuclear metal complex for activation and insertion of small molecules into alkene3YrsDepartment of Science and Technology,GOI16,38,000Running
2Dr. Ranjan Kr. BoraApplication of Physical Mutagen for improvement of Quality in two Indigenous Orchid species of Assam3yrsDepartment of Atomic Energy

Minor Research Project

Sl noName of the P.I.Title of The ProjectDurationSanctioning authorityCost Outlay(Rs)Status
1Dr. Ira DasImpact of Cashew Nut processing industries on village life and Economy in Dhubri District : An Empirical Analysis2YrsUGC1,50,000Completed
2Dr. Bidyut Bikash BaishyaEmployee’s State Insurance Corporation(ESIC): An Assessment of its working with special Reference to Assam2YrsUGC1,25,000Completed
3Dr. Manjit Kr. MazumdarPetrology and Geochemisrty of the granitoid rocks in Goalpara distrcit, Assam2YrsUGC70,500Completed
4Mridul Rabha Petrology, Mineral Chemistry and Pressure temperature condition of metapelitic granulites of Patharkhammah Area, East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya,India2YrsUGC2,00,000Completed
5Dr. Jayanta DekaImpact of open and distance learning in the state of Assam w.s.r. to Central and Western Assam2YrsKKHSOU90,000Completed
6Dr. Jayanta DekaIdentification of Hybrids for commercial Exploitation of Philosamia ricini3YrsUGC80,000Completed
7Dipali BauahTemples impact on sustainable Economic Development & Prospact in Tourism Development in Kamrup District 2YrsUGC1,10,000Completed
8Dr. Raijita DekaSome students on Q work Mass and Structure Functions in Q C D at low x.2YrsUGC50,000Completed
9Dr. Mrinalini
Das Chutia
Crystal Structure Analysis of some organic compounds by x-ray diffraction method. 2YrsUGC40,000Completed
10Dr. RUNIMA BAISHYAStudies on some important characteristic of radio emission from large EAS2YrsUGC40,000Completed
11Dr. Amar Jyoti DuttaStudies on I-convergent Sequences of Fuzzy real numbers defined by Modular Function2 YrsUGC1,40,000On Going
12BISHWAJYOTI DEV MAHANTAA Critical Study of the origin of Assamese Film with special reference to Jyotiprasad and Joymoti1 Year 6 MonthUGC1,35,000Completed
13Dr. Jyotirmoy Sengupta Nobboi Dhoshoker Nirbasito Asomiya o Bangla Upoinash: Narir Lekhai Narir Samajik Obostan18 MonthUGC-NERO1,10,000Completed

PHD Research and Guidance

Sl noName of the faculty memberDepartmentResearch guidance affiliation Date of effect Details of ongoing research activities
1Dr. Paramananda Majumdar GeographyFolklore Research G.U.2013All Present five scholar doing Ph.D under him.He himself also doing oriented works
2Dr. Parmananda RajbongshiAssameseGauhati University 11/06/1994Seven research scholars had already completed their
PhD and six research scholars are pursuing their PhD under his
3Dr. Amar Jyoti DuttaMathematicsGauhati University25/09/2013In Progress

PRAG CONSILIENCE is a research Journal of Pragjyotish College and is published annually by Pragjyotish College Research Council, Pragjyotish College, and Guwahati-09. This Journal is the first research journal of its kind in the history of Pragjyotish College. The journal intends to provide critical analysis of the complex process of our political, social, economic and cultural transformation of the society. The topic coverage of the journal is broad and encompasses a wide variety of topics, related to any branches of science, languages, environment, economics, politics and social life etc. As multi-disciplinary and multi-lingual journal, PRAG CONSILIENCE encourages its contributors to submit research papers of relevance to many fields.

The First Volume of the journal was published in August, 2016 with ISSN 2456-6861 and RNI ASSMUL/2016/70132.
The Second Volume of the journal was published in August, 2017 with ISSN 2456-6861 and RNI ASSMUL/2016/70132.
The Third Volume of the journal was published in August, 2018 with ISSN 2456-6861 and RNI ASSMUL/2016/70132.

Cover 1st 4th _ PRAG CONSILIENCE Vol 3 new color ok 1 copyPrag Consilience-Vol 3


An Institutional Level Biotech Hub, sponsored by the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India was sanctioned on 19th of September of 2013 and started its functioning from 25th September 2014. The Room of the Institutional Level Biotech-HUB, Pragjyotish College was inaugurated by Prof. Haladhar Talukdar , the Principal i/c of the college on 23rd of June, 2014

Various research activities of Undergraduate level, Post Graduate Level and PhD Level are being carried out from time to time. The Biotech Hub is well equipped and furnished with sophisticated instruments for Biological experiments and make available for the use of students and faculties. Workshop, Hands-on training, Seminars, Awareness and Out-reach programs are conducted by the Biotech Hub from time to time on various subjects.

Dr. Angur Begum, Associate Professor, Department of Zoology is the Coordinator and Dr. Jayanta Deka, Sr. Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology is the Co-coordinator of the Biotech Hub. Pranit Saikia, Sr. Research Fellow has been indulged in various research works and is currently pursuing his Doctorate of Philosophy.
Activities of Biotech Hub

  • On 25th and 26th of October, 2014 for the first time a two days workshop “Tools and techniques in Molecular biology” was organised by the IBT-Hub, DBT which was inaugurated by Dr Praboodh Borah, Professor, HOD, Department of Microbiology & Biotechnology, AAU, Khanapara. Dr. Borah was the chief-guest of the workshop, who delivered a very informative and motivative speech on the field and scope of Biotechnology. Mr. Rizwan Hussain and Mr. Pranit Saikia (JRF) was the resource person of the workshop. A total of 22 students with about 6 teachers participated in the workshop.
  • On 22nd and 23rd of March 2015 a Life Science Out-reach Program for High-School Students, Instrumentation and Basic Biological Techniques, was organized in which students from High & Higher Secondary Schools participated.