Pragjyotish College has a full-fledged NCC unit with three wings: Army, Navy and Air wings. Besides, there is also a girls’ wing of the NCC. Regular training is imparted throughout the year under trained Associate NCC Officers (A.N.O).

C.T.O. Jyoti Prasad Das1 Assam Battalion
Sub. Lieutenant, Dr. Bidyut Bikash Baishya48 Assam Naval Unit
C.T.O. Dr. Karabi Kherkatary Boro50 Assam Air Sqn (Fly)
C.T.O. Upama Kalita60 Assam Girls Battalion



  • In November 1954, NCC activities were started in the Pragjyotish College with the introduction of a Naval unit having 30 (thirty) Cadets under the supervision of the NCC officer of the Cotton College.
  • In 1956, NCC-Army Wing was introduced in the College with an enrolled strength of 20(twenty) cadets.
  • In 1961, the seeds of NCC-Air Wing of the Pragjyotish College got germinated by the patronage of 20 Assam Air Squadron.
  • Upto 1962, Prof. Kukil Bezbaruah was the only NCC officer in the College. Mr. Bezbaruah who retired as Major, had the distinction of officiating as Officer Commanding of 1 Assam Bn. NCC for a period of more than three years.
  • To facilitate participation in joint programs by all the Wings in particular, a NCC Co-ordination Committee was formed on 23rd September 2000.The Committee has enabled Cadets to participate in Pulse Polio Programs, College Campus Cleaning Social Service Camp, AIDS Rally, and Blood Donation Camp and so on.
  • Such legacy of NCC’s brilliant achievements of the Pragjyotish College is continuing over the years with the following exemplary award winning achievements.


NCC Naval Wing: Cdt. Madusmita Hazarika participated in Youth Exchange Program (YEP) at Singapore during 2002.

NCC Army Wing: Under Officer Daniel Boro was awarded the Gold Medal for being the best Cadet of the North-East Region at the Pre-Republic Day Camp’04 at Umroi Cantonment, Shillong.

NCC Air Wing:

  • CSUO Afuranta Gogoi was adjudged the all round Best Cadet of the N.E. Region for the year 1999-2000 and was awarded the prestigious Flying Officer Simon Kachari Memorial Best Air Cadet Award.
  • Ranjit Rajak was awarded Third Position in Aeromodelling in the RDC 2001. New Delhi.
  • Sgt. Pankaj Kalita was awarded Gold Medal in Skeet Shooting at Pre-Vayu Sainik camp at Imphal in 2002.
  • CSUO Pammi Pradhan and Cdt. Hemraj Bora (of Province College) were awarded Silver Medal in Aeromodelling in RDC, 2003, New Delhi. This is first time in the entire North-Eastern Region that a Medal has been won at the National Level in flying radio controlled models.
  • CUO Gongotry Goswami was awarded the Sahara Scholarship worth Rs. 15000/- at the CATC 2004,for her performance in 2003-04.She attended RDC 2004 and was the first Air Wing Girl Cadet to be selected for flying training in Zen Microlight Aircraft.

Contribution of Pragjyotish College in Community Development through NCC Girls’ Wing Activities

YearCamps attendedName of the Cadets
19901.Basic Leadership Camp (BLC), Trivandrum (6th June-18th June)Hemlata Das, Nylafor Gori, Tarali Devi , Joymati Malakar
2. Hospital Attachment Camp, Basistha Base Hospital (6th Oct-14th Oct)Anjali Das, Birala Lahkar, Sobha Duary
3. Goa National Integration Camp(NIC)(24th Oct.-4th Nov)Farida Ajum
19911.Kantee NIC(10th June-21st June)Babita Bharali. Sehera Begum
2. Pre Republic Day Camp (RDC), Dibrugarh (3rd Oct-12th Oct)Seima Begum, Reena Das, Birala Talukdar, Minu Singh, Geeta Devi
3. Hospital Attachment Camp, Basistha Base Hospital (21st Nov-13 Nov)Rupa Kataki, Juli Saikia, Jupitora Goswami, Eliza Begum.
19931.Sikkim Trk (29th Sept-13Nov)Minu Sing, Tutumoni Lahkar, Tarali Devi
19941. NIC Shillong (21st Nov-30th Oct)Kuntala Devi, Ajanta Pathak, Tutumoni Lahkar, Ritumoni Choudhury, Ganga Bharali, Puamoni Kakoty, Juli Saikia
19971. Pre- RDC III Umroi (13th Nov-25th Nov)Sewali Gogoi
2. Sikkim Trekking (1st Oct-21st Oct)Mrinmoyee Chakravarty, Sonali Deka, Sewali Gogoi
19991. Sikkim Trekking Camp (26th Oct-8th Oct)Queen Hazarika
20001. Sikkim Trekking Camp (13th Oct-26th Oct)Rumi Kalita, Pranami Lakar, Chandana Chakravarty
2.Pre-Thalsena Camp, Dibrugarh (TSH), (18th Oct-28th Oct)Parul Nath, Queen Hazarika
3. Hospital Attachment Camp, Basistha Base Hospital(10th Oct-20th Oct)Parul Nath
4.NIC Delhi (10th June-22nd June)Puja Kaur, Sumi Gogoi
5. Thal Sainik Camp, Dinjan (20th Sept-1st Oct)Puja Kour, Rumi Kalita
6. Hospital Attachment Camp, Basistha Base Hospital (10th Nov-20th Nov)Rumi Kalita, Tabashum Ahmed, Tabarakun Ara Ahmed, Junmoni Patar, Hemoda Das
20021.Sikkim Trek (16th Sept-28th Sept)Junmoni Pathak, Hemoda Das, Manjula Boro, Tutumoni Bora, Neetu Barman, Rubita Boro, Deepali Saikia
2.NIC Pandu (3rd Oct-15th Oct)Gunalata Mili
20031. Hospital Attachment Camp, Basistha Base Hospital(16th Nov.-26th Nov.)Puja Kaur, Rumi Sarmah, Junmoni Pator, Neetu Barman, Tutumoni Borah
2. Pre-Thal Sainik Camp (Pre-TSC), Dergaon (16th August-25th August)Runumi Devi, Bhadrabati Devi, Deepali Saikia
3. Thal Sainik Camp (TSC-Delhi) (Sept 10th-22nd Sept)Rumi Devi (Best Tent Pitching), Bhachwati Devi
4. Sikkim Trekking Camp (3rd Oct-25th Oct)Joya Devi, Sarmila Das, Rubita Boro
20041.Pre RD I-Silchar (9th August-20th August)Runumi Devi, Bhachwati Devi, Rubita Boro
2.OTA training Camp, Guwalior, DecemberRunumi Devi (She was the only selected Cadet from North Eastern Region)
3.NIC Orissa (16th Nov-28th Nov)Chinmay Pathak
4.Pre-RDII (Umroi Kent)Rubita Boro
5. Signal Training Camp (10th Oct-15th Oct)Rupa Das, Namita Kumari and Jaya Das
6.Pre RD III Shillong Umroi Kent (16th Dec-27th Dec)Rubita Boro (Selected for RD Camp)
7.Republic Day Camp (RDC) Delhi (28th Dec-4th Feb)Rubita Boro
20051.NIC Gujarat (16th Feb-28th Feb)Rupa Das, Jaya Das
2.Sikkim Trek (16th Sept-28th Oct)Sumi Bora, Dolly Kakoti
3.NIC Delhi (26th Nov-8th Dec)Nayma Ahmed, Anamika Das, Paramita Choudhury (Paramita Choudhury adjudged as best Cadet of the Camp)
4.NIC Calcutta (9th Nov-18th Nov)Swapna Devi
5.Pre RDII (Umroi Kent) (28th Sept-12th Nov)Menaka Basumatary, Alpana Choudhury (Menaka selected)
6. Pre RDIII (18th Nov-28th Dec)Menaka Basumatary (Selected for RD Camp)
7. RD Delhi (28th Dec-4th Feb)Menaka Basumatary
8. Delhi NIC (18th Nov-28th Nov)Nayma Ahmed, Anamika Das, Paramita Choudhury
9.Sikkim Trekking (13th Sept-25th Sept)Sumi Bora, Dolly Kakoti
20061. NIC Mysore (8th July-20th July)Hema Devi, Mammoni Manon Devi, Khitashree Mann
20071.NIC Aizal (4th Jan-16th Jan)Dolly Kakoti, Rita Gayari
2.NIC Ghaziabad (28th Jan-14th Feb)Preeti Paul
3.Mountaining Camp at Darjeeling (Sikkim-Darjeeling Trek)Purbashree Boro, Henashree Das
4.Mavalankar Shooting Selection Camp at Narangi (10th July-20th July)Henashree Das, Chandana Sharma, Paramita Choudhury, Anamika Das
5.Mavalanka Shooting Selection CampII, Calcutta(28th July- )Henashree Das (Best shooter of North East Directorate)
6.NIC Leh Kashmir (16th July-28th July)Renu Devi, Malati Das
7. All India Sikkim Trekking Camp (18th Oct-30th Oct)Purbashree Boro, Kamala Talukdar, Purabi Teron, Rani Basumatary (All India Best Group in Cultural Programme)
20081.Orissa Basic Leadership Camp (BSL) (20th July-30th July)Ankita Rabha, Renu Devi, Nirmali Kalita, Malati Burman (Renu Devi, Ankita Rabha and Malati Burman adjudged All India Best Group singer)
2.Hospital Attachment camp, Basistha Hospital (3rd Nov-14th Nov)Geetanjali Das, Uma Devi, Rinki Sutradhar
20091.NIC Ahmedabad (18th Jan-31st Jan)Deepakhi Das, Tara Kalita,Geetanjali Deka, Uma Devi (2nd Prize in NIAP and 1st Prize in Group Dance; Geetanjali Deka was the Best Solo Dancer)
2.Pre RDC I, Sadilapur (August)Geetanjali Deka, Parasmani Das, Jaymala Boro
3.RDCII, Sadilapur (1st Nov-10th Nov)Geetanjali Deka, Parasmoni Das, Jaimala Boro
4.Pre TSC, Dinjan (8th Sept-18th Sept)Geetanjali Deka, Parasmoni Das, Jaimala Boro
5.Pre-RDCIII, Umroi Kent (2nd Dec-12th Dec)Geetanjali Deka, Parasmoni Das, Jaimala Boro
6.NIC Siliguri (16th Nov-28th Nov)Jumky Lalram Churani, Kunjalata Barman
20101. Mavalanka Shooting selection Camp (15th June-25th June), Umroi Kent, ShillongGeetanjali Deka, Parasmani Das, Deepakhi Das, Bobita Rabha, Sujata Sarkar (Deepakhi Das was the best shooter of the camp)
2.Pre-Thal Sainik Camp, Pre TSC, Jorhat (10th Sept-20th Sept)Deepakhi Das, Sujata Sarkar, Parasmani Das, Sakuntala Boro
3.MewalankarII Calcutta (6th June-16th June)Namita Sen
4.TSC Camp, Delhi (12th Oct-22nd Oct)Deepakhi Das, Sujata Sarkar, Parasmani Das, Sakuntala Boro (Best in Map reading)
5.BLC Camp, Gujarat (Rajkot) (3rd Sept-15th Sept)Uma Devi, Chayanika Devi, Rinki Sutradhar, Bobita Rabha
6.Hospita Attachment Camp, Basistha (Guwahati) (11th Nov-21st Nov)Geetanjali Rabha, Rina Nath, Namita Sen
7. Sikkim Trek (2nd Nov-14th Nov)Barasha Goswami, Gita Chakravarty (Barasha Goswami was adjudged as Gold medalist in Solo Song)
8.MavalankarIII East Zone Firing Camp (6th July-16th July)Namita Sen (Best Shooter of both East and North Eastern Region)
9. SSB Training OTA Chennai (January, 2010)Geetanjali Deka (Only selected cadet from North Eastern Region)
10. BLC Camp, Gujarat (Basic Leadership Camp) (10th July-22nd July)Uma Devi, Chayanika Devi, Bobita Rabha
20111.Pre TSC Camp, JorhatYurngamphi Sangiam, Mirsilatul Zannat, Bhagyashree Das, Surabhi Deka
2.NIC Silchar (3rd Nov-15th Nov)Mirailatul Zannat
3.Sikkim Trek (28th Oct-9th Nov)Bhagyapriya Boro, Moni Sarksr, Pinky Rabha (Bhagyapriya Boro won Gold medal in Solo Dance)
4.Pre-RDCI, Sadilapur (10th Oct-20th Oct)Anupama Devi, Rashmita Dey, Surabhi Das
5.Pre RDC II, Sarusajai Stadium, Guwahati (3rd Nov-13th Nov)Anupama Devi
6.Pre RDC III Umroi Kent (26th Nov-6th Dec)Anupama Devi
7. RDC (Delhi) (28th Dec-4th Feb, 2012)Anupama Devi (Participated in RD parade and PM salute.)
20121.BLC Kanpur (1st Oct-12th Oct)Miroilatul Zannat, Kajoli Begum, Bhagyashree Das, Antara Hapila, Kame bame, Yurngamphi Sangiam
2.YEP Russia (Youth Exchange Programme ) (6th Oct-8th Nov)Anupama Devi (This was the most important Camp)
20131.NIC Silchar (8th Dec-12th Dec)Senima Sajad, Joshna Rani Khan, Kavita Kalita
2.NIC Bapur (Kolkata) (3rd June-15th June)Bhagyashree Das, Jashna Rani Khan
3.NIC (Special), Jaisalmer (Rajasthan) (3rd Oct-26th Oct)Antara Hapila, Ken Bame, Yuingamphi Sanjiam and Kiju
20141.NIC Andaman (4th Feb-16th Feb)Samphri Ranghangpi
2.Mountaineering Training Umroi Kent Shillong (Wou)Joshna Rani Khan, Semima Sajad
20151.NIC Andaman Nicobar (7th February-19th February)Pulami Kundu (Best Singer in Solo Song and Best Dancer in Group Dance)

1. Besides these camps Samoshree Bora received the Sahara Scholarship in 2010-2011.

2. Namita Sen best Shooter of East Zone.

3.Pubashree Boro was the only selected Indian Candidate for International female Everest expedition.

4. Anupama Devi attended YEP Camp ((Youth Exchange Programme ) to Russia from 6th October to 8th November, 2012.