The College library was dedicated to and named after Pandit Tirthanath Sarma, founder principal and celebrated Scholar, on 24February 1995. Since its inception, the College library is striving for providing maximum support to the students as well as teachers in the teaching-learning process. The College library is linked up with INFLIBNET. Besides other modern services Pandit Tirthanath Sarma library provides access to e-resource facilities to its users through the programme entitled “National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content” (N-LIST) under National Mission on Education through Information Communication Technology (ICT).

Library Timings

  • Library Hours 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Book Issue Time 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Reading Room-cum Reference Section

The library has a spacious Reading Room with a seating capacity for 75 users. Newspapers are displayed in the Reading Room. Books, journals, magazines, periodicals and reference books are issued for use in the Reading Room. Internet browsing facilities are also provided from the Reading Room.

Library Membership

Library membership is given to only bona fide users of the College.

Library Cards

Students of the General Courses are issued two library cards for borrowing books for home use. Students of the Major Courses are issued two additional library cards for borrowing books for home use. College Identity Card is a must for entering the library Reading Room. Renewal and Reservation facilities are available. Borrowers must return the books within fifteen days from the date of issue of the books. An overdue charge of one rupee per book per day will be levied if the book is kept beyond the due date of return. A borrower will be responsible for the loss or damage of any book borrowed from the College library.

Special Services

The provision of a NORTH EAST INDIA REFERENCE CORNER and a PANDIT TIRTHA NATH SARMA REFERENCE CORNER are available in the library for advanced learners.

Facilities for Photocopy

Photocopy facilities are available in the library on payment.

Book Bank

A Book Bank sponsored and financed by the UGC has been maintained by the College since 1971. Poor and meritorious students are provided with books from the Book Bank for a complete academic session. At present the Book Bank has a stockpile of about 12,000 books.