College Magazine

Pragjyotishiya, an Annual College Magazine
Forty Fourth Issue: 2014-2015
Released on 16 May 2016
Editor: Dhritika Devi
Professor-in-charge: Dr. Indira  Saikia Bora, Department of Sanskrit, Pragjyotish College

The College magazine can serve as the chronicle of all the significant events and achievements of the college through the basic aim of it is to serve as the platform for showcasing the building talents who are raring to express themselves through the literary medium. Creative writings and fine arts like painting, drawing, and so on are the products of imaginative experience. On the other hand, writing articles demands mental exercise-the thought process in which ideas must be arranged coherently supported by facts and figures. None can acquire this thought process by chance or within a short time. Here in lies the significance of the college magazine, which may be cradle of would-be great writers. Youth is associated with imagination, creativity and vitality. No nations can flourish if the human resources, particularly the youth, are not properly utilized for nation building.

Pragjyotishiya_2016 Pragjyotishiya_2016 (Click here to download)